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Will we owe any tax on sale?
Posted by: agnis, May 25, 2017 11:18PM
2005 purchased a home for $270,000, and maintained as our principal residence.

2011-2017 rented the home out. Basis at time of rental was much lower than purchase price due to financial crisis - $170,000.
Depreciation taken each year of $5,000

2017 sold home for $240,000 (after paying realtor fees etc).

Since we did not live in the home for 2 years prior to the sale, will we owe capital gains tax on the difference between sales price and cost basis?

Re: Will we owe any tax on sale?
Posted by: triad, May 27, 2017 01:39AM
According to you, you claimed $35K of depreciation. So your adjusted basis is $270K- $35K or $235K. You sold for $240K, so you have $5K of 1250 gain (taxable at ordinary rates, up to a max of 25%).

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