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Access to UGTMA
Posted by: KyleJ15, September 5, 2016 03:18PM
Hello, I am a beneficiary to a UGTMA that my grandparents opened for me when I was young. I am now 26 years old and my grandparents refuse to give access or any information on the account until I reach the age of 30. My states legal age of turnover is 18. I have spoken to the financial institution on the matter and I was told I have no legal means to the account until they turn it over to me. I have no contact with the custodian because they have drained another account in my name and I want control of this account before they do the same with it. My question is do I have legal access to this account and should I pursue a lawyer?

Re: Access to UGTMA
Posted by: Bob99, September 8, 2016 01:58AM
Duplicate post. Refer to your first post of the same question.

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