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Question about Suze Orman show on May 24 re: medical debt
Posted by: haveaminute2, May 31, 2014 01:24AM
Question about Suze Orman show on May 24, 2014. A caller said that she had $20K of medical debt because she was not covered during the time wherein her daughter fractured her arm. She was wondering whether or not to claim bankruptcy since she had no other assets / monies. Did anyone see this episode and remember this caller from Minnesota? I was confused by Suze's advice. She advised that if she could, she should wait out the 6 year period and after that the medical debt would be forgiven in the sense that legally nobody could come after her for it.

What's confusing me is that I didn't hear the caller or Suze mention that the woman put this debt on a credit card. If she did, Suze's answer would make sense since each state has a statute of limitations for credit card debt. But I heard no mention of a credit card. If this is the case, what was Suze referring to? Thanks so much.

Wait. I just found something.


If you scroll down, it says, "Connecticut has a six-year statute of limitations for debt collection actions resulting from simple and implied contracts (CGS § 52-576; attachment 1). Medical bills generally are simple or implied contracts and thus the SOL is six years…"

This link leads to a new question now-
1) If the above link is accurate, then did I make a mistake when I advised this person to claim bankruptcy many years ago with other medical debt? Why claim bankruptcy which is expensive, if the debt is automatically forgiven after 6 years?

Thanks in advance for any info.

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