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old certificate found
Posted by: Dorothy, March 31, 2006 04:07PM
Can someone give me info on the Camdale

corp? The certificate is for 100 shares purchased in July 1957. It also says full paid and non-assessable shares of common stock.

Re: old certificate found
Posted by: Kaye Thomas, April 1, 2006 01:11PM
In most cases an ancient certificate for a company that can't be found on the Internet turns out to be worthless paper from a defunct company. Once in a while you might learn the company changed its name or was acquired by another company so the certificates have real value. Apart from searching the Internet, the main resource for looking up old companies would be CCH Capital Changes Reporter, which you might find in a large library or perhaps in the library of a law firm or accounting firm.

Kaye Thomas

Re: old certificate found
Posted by: DeeDee, April 1, 2006 05:05PM
Just this past week I heard of a company that will research any old stock, stock certificate for a fee. I simply cannot remember the name of the company, ARGHHH! I'm mentioning it in the hopes it might trigger someone else posting the information.

Re: old certificate found
Posted by: markr33, April 4, 2006 01:47AM
Camdale, hmmm ... let's google a little.



<<1954-56 * Camdale, Inc., Detroit, Michigan. FLH invested in company that manufactured and designed precision cams and gears.>>


Camdale ==> Camdale Precision Inc. ==> listed in Zykon Industrial

Camdale Precision Inc
15902 Common Rd., P.O. Box 295
Roseville, MI 48066-0295

Now you need to find out if the stock was ever cancelled due to bankruptcy or if it was purchased by a different company, or if it went private.

Re: old certificate found
Posted by: Grandson01, September 8, 2006 07:10PM
Dorothy, I may be able to help you .... is the stock for 100 shares of Camdale Precision Inc. shares or Camdale Enterprise shares?

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