AMT and Equity Compensation
Alternative minimum tax, nonqualified stock options, incentive stock options and other forms of equity compensation.
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RSU taxation after relocation by heiho 
Posts: 6 | Last by heiho, 07/16/18 04:43AM 
83 (b) election and it's applicability by shashankps 
Posts: 1 | Last by shashankps, 07/06/18 06:05PM 
AMT Minimum Tax Credit (MTC) by esetter 
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2018 alternative minimum tax by wanttoknow 
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ESPP restrictions by deedee8712 
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AMT - Primary Residence Sale by esetter 
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NQO Options Exercise: Disputing Wrong FMV by qquartz 
Posts: 4 | Last by qquartz, 04/19/18 04:35PM 
earned income by len3hardy 
Posts: 2 | Last by triad, 03/24/18 11:47PM 
If tax liability is higher than AMT, do I still have to file 6251 by Sasha 
Posts: 5 | Last by Sasha, 02/24/18 11:59PM 
Box 2b (Unrecaptured section 1250 gain) by Mak Roberts 
Posts: 2 | Last by Les Grans, 02/10/18 08:49PM 
Non-Qualified Stock Option Earned Income IRA Eligible by Upsidedown 
Posts: 2 | Last by Art, 01/19/18 12:08AM 
AMT and Capital Gains by astax 
Posts: 3 | Last by astax, 01/13/18 06:58PM 
AMT sweet spot management by Justin 
Posts: 2 | Last by triad, 12/28/17 09:15PM 
Tax Reform by jlehrer 
Posts: 9 | Last by ruth, 11/10/17 02:18AM 
general probate requirement question by 3376tdf 
Posts: 4 | Last by Drewremedy, 10/11/17 03:13AM 
HELOC and AMT by sonofagunk 
Posts: 4 | Last by triad, 09/19/17 09:00PM 
Tax strategies after exit by M.4.7.7 
Posts: 1 | Last by M.4.7.7, 07/29/17 05:08PM 
Checks with Your Name C/F Child Under NY UMTA by JamesW 
Posts: 11 | Last by Drewremedy, 06/01/17 01:33AM 
Can AMT Credit (ISOs) offset NIIT? by falsefaith 
Posts: 7 | Last by Kaye Thomas, 05/14/17 04:26PM 
Stock swap exercise - corporate policy by saspinwall 
Posts: 2 | Last by Kaye Thomas, 05/05/17 11:25PM 
ISO Exercise, AMT and underpayment penalty by brucemartin 
Posts: 4 | Last by triad, 05/03/17 08:18PM 
Refundable AMT credit by freya 
Posts: 6 | Last by Kaye Thomas, 04/09/17 04:27PM 
AMT and head of household by just_learning 
Posts: 5 | Last by just_learning, 02/27/17 05:58PM 
State Income Taxes and RSU by boydra 
Posts: 2 | Last by Kaye Thomas, 02/11/17 09:10PM 
Taxation of NSO issued and exercised for self-employed consultant by Patrick Goeckner 
Posts: 3 | Last by Patrick Goeckner, 01/18/17 03:28PM 
ESPP Bargain Element by mactoolsix 
Posts: 1 | Last by mactoolsix, 11/15/16 09:31PM 
What happens when you early exercise in-the-money ISO, elect 83(b), pay AMT, then leave before all stock is vested? by heinz 
Posts: 2 | Last by Kaye Thomas, 06/26/16 08:43PM 
AMT and foreign tax credit by carolm 
Posts: 2 | Last by carolm, 06/13/16 05:03PM 
Fully Paid Securities Lending and Disqualifying disposition by hpanther 
Posts: 2 | Last by Kaye Thomas, 05/19/16 12:46PM 
83(b) Election With Wrong Amount Paid by mk1111 
Posts: 2 | Last by Kaye Thomas, 05/19/16 12:18PM 
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