Other Tax Questions
Questions and comments on other topics covered in Fairmark.com, such as UTMA accounts, and any tax questions that don't fit our other categories.
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IRMAA & American Health Care Act by mur44 
Posts: 6 | Last by MadDog, 05/10/17 08:54PM 
Turbotax K1 suspended deductions help by jcdoc107 
Posts: 5 | Last by Art, 05/03/17 08:09PM 
IRS correction to my filing by jimwillie 
Posts: 2 | Last by SC, 05/02/17 03:37PM 
Gift tax vs Payable -on-death proceeds by sandy20020 
Posts: 6 | Last by Drewremedy, 04/27/17 09:57PM 
Any decisions on airbnb and SE tax? by Snargle 
Posts: 5 | Last by Snargle, 04/23/17 07:16PM 
Canadian resident heirs tax obligations on U.S. estate by patknight 
Posts: 3 | Last by triad, 04/23/17 06:38PM 
Business/Office Expenses while Mobile by Barefootwoman 
Posts: 7 | Last by Art, 04/22/17 08:33PM 
1040X and 8889 by erock 
Posts: 6 | Last by triad, 04/21/17 10:14PM 
Sec 195 - start-up expenditures by arbanas 
Posts: 1 | Last by arbanas, 04/18/17 09:15PM 
Property tax deduction for a third home by miamicuse 
Posts: 2 | Last by Art, 04/18/17 08:33PM 
Miscellaneous items deductions for second home by Steve_XL 
Posts: 8 | Last by Steve_XL, 04/18/17 03:26PM 
Latest time you can File Electronically by rwm 
Posts: 7 | Last by tomd37, 04/17/17 06:57PM 
What is Form 8971 (Basis Reporting of Inherited Assets) by Geraldson 
Posts: 3 | Last by Sven, 04/16/17 04:45PM 
CAPEX for a rental property by miamicuse 
Posts: 1 | Last by miamicuse, 04/16/17 04:44PM 
State and Local Sales Tax on Vehicle Purchased in Tennessee by sejohnston 
Posts: 7 | Last by DeeDee, 04/16/17 12:26AM 
Need help in addressing an absurd IRS dilemma concerning 8606's from prior years that were mistakenly never submitted. by provlima 
Posts: 4 | Last by Alan S., 04/12/17 11:07PM 
Software caused problem Shall I send 1040 with error to e-file by Hankj 
Posts: 4 | Last by Hankj, 04/12/17 03:36PM 
HOH w/o claiming dependent by zswatson 
Posts: 3 | Last by triad, 04/11/17 08:08PM 
Cost basis for LT gain by Drewremedy 
Posts: 2 | Last by Art, 04/10/17 08:39PM 
Rental off market by Hankj 
Posts: 9 | Last by Hankj, 04/10/17 06:00PM 
Self Employed Health Insurance Deduction by vlad 
Posts: 3 | Last by Art, 04/09/17 04:36PM 
cost basis for depreciation by JR_TX 
Posts: 2 | Last by kaneohe, 04/09/17 01:41PM 
How do I obtain copies of my 1040's from 1997 to 2010?? by provlima 
Posts: 2 | Last by triad, 04/07/17 10:58PM 
Itemizing medical expenses when HSA acct is active by rookie 
Posts: 9 | Last by rookie, 04/07/17 06:13AM 
Capital loss Amendment - What needs to be included in 1040x? by luaz 
Posts: 4 | Last by Art, 04/06/17 07:41PM 
Mistakenly included UTMA loss in year 2014 by luaz 
Posts: 6 | Last by Art, 04/06/17 07:40PM 
Capital loss Amendment - What needs to be included in 1040x? by luaz 
Posts: 2 | Last by Art, 04/05/17 01:13PM 
Any Tax Credit on IRA Distributions? by Misty 
Posts: 3 | Last by Art, 04/03/17 03:09PM 
N.I.I.T. - state income tax deduction by wanttoknow 
Posts: 1 | Last by wanttoknow, 04/01/17 09:42PM 
IRMAA hold-harmless clarification by stuartb 
Posts: 3 | Last by stuartb, 04/01/17 05:35PM 
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