Capital Gains and Losses
Questions and comments about tax rules for buying and selling stocks, mutual funds, real estate and other assets.
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Parent/child JTWROS real estate capital gain strategy? by luke_airig 
Posts: 9 | Last by Drewremedy, 01/17/17 11:27PM 
capitol gains for multiple state by damitdeno 
Posts: 5 | Last by Drewremedy, 01/11/17 01:53PM 
Basis tracking for CEFs by chips 
Posts: 1 | Last by chips, 01/08/17 05:57PM 
Unknown Mutual Fund Basis by jrchatfield 
Posts: 8 | Last by caesark, 01/06/17 03:20PM 
Parent's vs Adult Child Capital Gains by caesark 
Posts: 7 | Last by caesark, 12/27/16 04:33PM 
sell before or after distribution by alloykat 
Posts: 3 | Last by alloykat, 12/20/16 03:18PM 
Options/Capital Gains by ora100 
Posts: 2 | Last by caesark, 11/17/16 04:06PM 
No Loss Merger by kellyr 
Posts: 1 | Last by kellyr, 11/09/16 04:42PM 
Disabled Parents Can't Live in House - Selling & CGT Implications? by AlieC 
Posts: 3 | Last by Drewremedy, 11/03/16 11:39PM 
C Gains on House Sale by len3hardy 
Posts: 7 | Last by Bob99, 10/28/16 02:34PM 
Brokered CD maturity reporting by Vit 
Posts: 3 | Last by triad, 10/24/16 09:40PM 
Installment sale, small biz stock by geotech99 
Posts: 2 | Last by geotech99, 10/17/16 02:57AM 
Optimize exit from short against the box held. by sflife 
Posts: 2 | Last by sflife, 10/15/16 05:05PM 
Tax Treatment of Class Action Settlement by BruceM 
Posts: 2 | Last by Les Grans, 10/05/16 08:58PM 
Option spread taxes when closing short leg by DoS 
Posts: 1 | Last by DoS, 09/30/16 11:26PM 
Rental Property vs Residental Home by len3hardy 
Posts: 3 | Last by Art, 09/30/16 09:36PM 
Posts: 2 | Last by Art, 09/30/16 09:32PM 
Rental Loss Carryover by len3hardy 
Posts: 9 | Last by ruth, 09/29/16 04:06AM 
Lost cost basis on non-covered stock. Audit what to do by rm 
Posts: 1 | Last by rm, 09/26/16 05:40PM 
Rental vs 2nd Home vs Primary Residence by KimInWis 
Posts: 4 | Last by Les Grans, 09/17/16 04:02AM 
Zero Cap Gains With Unknown Basis by jrchatfield 
Posts: 2 | Last by Art, 09/16/16 05:34PM 
Cap gains sale of house and adjacent lot by lite1 
Posts: 7 | Last by Drewremedy, 09/14/16 07:19PM 
Sale of a lot that is in a trust by Gramp 
Posts: 7 | Last by Gramp, 09/07/16 12:50AM 
Basis of stock received as gift by randallc183 
Posts: 6 | Last by Art, 09/03/16 05:57PM 
Tax implications for second house for high incomes by Kurious 
Posts: 3 | Last by triad, 08/27/16 08:50PM 
cap gains exclusion question by CaptHaddock 
Posts: 5 | Last by Les Grans, 08/20/16 02:24PM 
primary home capital gain without selling immediately by JR_TX 
Posts: 8 | Last by Drewremedy, 08/17/16 10:10PM 
Capital Gains Treatment for a Property with Three Owners? by AKay 
Posts: 3 | Last by Drewremedy, 07/29/16 11:43AM 
Better tax treatment of a short-sale of an ETF holding 1256 contracts (UVXY) by bsdfish 
Posts: 1 | Last by bsdfish, 07/20/16 06:28PM 
sale of rent controlled property lease by DJC2016 
Posts: 3 | Last by DJC2016, 07/18/16 10:32PM 
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