Retirement Savings and Benefits
Questions and comments about IRAs, 401k accounts, social security, and other forms of retirement savings and benefits.
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1099-R from pension rollover to Roth IRA by Windfallhelp 
Posts: 4 | Last by Alan S., 03/24/17 06:52PM 
Return of excess 401k contribution: how to file? by Richard Berg 
Posts: 6 | Last by Alan S., 03/23/17 08:03PM 
1099-R due to loss in Roth 401k by aatreya 
Posts: 4 | Last by Alan S., 03/23/17 04:45PM 
IRA and K-1 by fuzzduzz 
Posts: 6 | Last by Alan S., 03/21/17 08:11PM 
Unrecovered Contributions by stewartb     Goto Page: 123
Posts: 48 | Last by stewartb, 03/21/17 12:40AM 
IRA to Roth conversion and MAGI by phini 
Posts: 8 | Last by 47Percent, 03/19/17 08:00PM 
IRA/Roth Conversion by tubularbells99 
Posts: 3 | Last by Alan S., 03/16/17 10:42PM 
Delay/Push back RMD by b1_lee 
Posts: 2 | Last by Alan S., 03/15/17 05:42PM 
in-plan roth 401k conversion by JR_TX 
Posts: 2 | Last by Alan S., 03/11/17 05:13PM 
correcting form 8606 for backdoor roth by knarf 
Posts: 9 | Last by knarf, 03/11/17 12:01AM 
Form 8880 line 4 by Cwolf 
Posts: 3 | Last by Cwolf, 03/10/17 03:23PM 
Is this article on how to deal with Excess Roth IRA contribution on your site still accurate?b by aclsmb 
Posts: 2 | Last by Alan S., 03/10/17 02:57AM 
1099-R Roth Rechar in following year by WorkToLive 
Posts: 2 | Last by Alan S., 03/08/17 09:46PM 
Accidental Retirement Contribution by Snakebit12 
Posts: 5 | Last by Snakebit12, 03/06/17 02:41AM 
Unnessary RMD? by dale40 
Posts: 4 | Last by dale40, 03/04/17 04:06PM 
Successor Beneficiary IRA Lump Sump by figsys 
Posts: 2 | Last by Alan S., 03/01/17 04:02PM 
Employer SEP Contribution by BruceM 
Posts: 3 | Last by BruceM, 02/28/17 11:54PM 
Excess TIRA contribution by astax 
Posts: 10 | Last by astax, 02/28/17 01:02PM 
IRA deductibility with 401(k) by 47Percent 
Posts: 10 | Last by 47Percent, 02/27/17 08:09PM 
Survivor Annuity Tax Question by O2B_Free 
Posts: 6 | Last by O2B_Free, 02/26/17 07:47PM 
contribute new money to roth, or convert old ira by sandyp 
Posts: 8 | Last by Alan S., 02/23/17 11:56PM 
Questions about NUA, after-tax company shares, and etc. by Slow But Steady 
Posts: 4 | Last by Slow But Steady, 02/17/17 09:41PM 
distribute twice RMD by jubilee12 
Posts: 3 | Last by jubilee12, 02/17/17 06:05PM 
Roth income and Medicare Premiums by dale40 
Posts: 3 | Last by dale40, 02/17/17 04:54PM 
Wash Sale Rule and IRAs by caesark 
Posts: 3 | Last by caesark, 02/16/17 09:26PM 
Amended return and prior year excess contribution by DeeDee 
Posts: 6 | Last by DeeDee, 02/15/17 03:29AM 
roth IRA by jubilee12 
Posts: 5 | Last by jubilee12, 02/14/17 04:20PM 
Inherited Roth Holding Period by BruceM 
Posts: 2 | Last by Alan S., 02/14/17 12:46AM 
CA WH required from 403b RMD? by kal 
Posts: 3 | Last by Alan S., 02/13/17 04:51PM 
questions re: NY and MA tax forms by gejo48 
Posts: 2 | Last by Cwolf, 02/13/17 01:26AM 
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