Guest Speaker Kaye A. Thomas

Kat01.jpg (7746 bytes)Kaye Thomas has been a guest speaker at conferences and other events throughout the United States on topics relating to taxation and investments. His topics include strategies for Roth retirement accounts (particularly timely as the conversion eligibility rules change in 2010) and the handling of stock options and other forms of equity compensation.

Key credentials

Kaye is author of four books explaining rules and strategies for Roth retirement accounts, capital gains and losses, and stock options and other forms of equity compensation. He is an experienced tax lawyer and a 1980 cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, where he served on the Harvard Law Review.


Many of Kaye's presentations are to audiences of financial professionals, including financial planners, financial advisors and CPAs. He appears often at national and regional meetings of organizations such as FPA and NAPFA, and offers in-house training seminars for national and regional brokerage firms and other organizations. Kaye is also available to speak to audiences of option holders or investors.

A popular option, though not a requirement, is to offer one of Kaye’s books as a handout to attendees. Special terms are available for the purchase of these books in connection with a speaking engagement, making it possible to provide attendees with a valuable reference at a fraction of the usual cost.

Retirement savings

Kaye offers new perspectives on the choice between traditional and Roth accounts for retirement savings, as well as the Roth conversion decision, a topic that's especially important with expanded availability of Roth conversions in 2010. He identifies numerous strategies that are available when planning a Roth conversion, some specific to conversions in the year 2010 and others of more general application. Depending on time available, his talk may cover other topics such as troubleshooting when problems arise with Roth accounts.

Stock option strategies

Kaye's talks on stock option strategies highlight opportunities and pitfalls in such key areas as stock option harvesting and the handling of incentive stock options. The clear explanations and focus on the most important issues make his talks suitable for those with little experience in this area, yet those who have worked with equity compensation for years will come away with new insights.


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