Equity Compensation Strategies


Use the information on this page if you want to take one or more of the exams based on material in our book, Equity Compensation Strategies. These exams may be used to meet requirements established by your company to work on matters requiring a knowledge of this subject matter. At this time they cannot be used to earn continuing education credit.

Obtaining exams

When you are ready to take an exam, you will download and print a PDF file that includes exam questions and an answer sheet. There is no charge to download the exams. Use these links:

Submitting exams

When you have completed the answer sheet you will send it to us by mail or fax as indicated on the answer sheet. A processing fee is required when the exam is submitted for grading. You can pay online (preferred method of payment) by clicking below:

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Enter the invoice number for your payment on the answer sheet. If you prefer, you can pay by check or submit credit card information on your answer sheet.

Repeat exam

If you fail an exam you can repeat it using the same procedure. A new processing fee will apply.

Refund Policy

The exam processing fee is not refundable.