Don’t Sell on Leap Day

February 27, 2016

Capital Gains_100x150We issue this warning once every four years: if you bought an investment on February 28 last year, and you plan to sell it for a long-term capital gain, you need to delay your sale until March 1. This is because of a little-known technicality. Strictly speaking, your holding period for a capital asset includes the day of sale but not the day of purchase. Stock or other assets bought on February 28, 2015 have a holding period that began March 1, 2015, so you have to hold until March 1, 2016 to have a long-term gain. It may seem logical that selling on Leap Day would satisfy the year-and-a-day rule when the purchase was on February 28 of the previous year, but that would be leaping to the wrong conclusion.

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