Capital Gains, Minimal Taxes

The essential guide for investors and traders

The essential guide for investors and traders

Capital Gains, Minimal Taxes provides the most complete explanation available of how to handle gains, losses, dividends and expenses from buying, holding and selling stocks, mutual funds and stock options. It covers all the material you’ll find on this web site on those subjects and much more.

Who it’s for

This book starts with the most basic information about taxes, explaining such fundamentals as the difference between capital gains and ordinary income. Yet it also goes into more difficult areas where even tax professionals may need guidance, such as constructive sales and straddles. You’ll find this book useful whether you’re a new investor just learning the tax rules or a financial advisor or other professional needing a reference on the subject.

What it covers

Capital Gains, Minimal Taxes explains tax rules and strategies you need to know when buying, holding or selling stocks, mutual funds or options.

Part I: Capital Gains and Losses

The general rules for capital gains and losses, as well as some of the special rules, such as the wash sale rule.

Part II: Other Investment Income and Expense

Dividends from stocks and mutual funds; investment interest expense and other investment expenses.

Part III: Capital Gains: Advanced Topics

If you get fancy with your trading you’ll need to know about short sales, section 1256 contracts, constructive sales and straddles.

Part IV: Asset Transfers

Tax rules for gifts; custodial accounts for minors; charitable gifts of stock.

Part V: Taxation of Traders

Determining whether you qualify as a trader; understanding the tax consequences of trader status.

Part VI: Many Happy Returns

Reporting sales of stock; dealing with alternative minimum tax, estimated tax payments and special rules for children.

Part VII: Planning for Lower Taxes

Tax planning strategies for different types of investors.

About this edition

The 2009 edition is the fourth edition of this book. It reflects legal authorities as of November 16, 2008.

Capital Gains, Minimal Taxes: The essential guide for investors and traders
by Kaye A. Thomas
Fairmark Press Inc.
2009 edition published December 2008
Trade paperback, 306 pages
ISBN 978-0-9792248-3-6